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Property Casualty & Workers Comp

Property, Casualty, & Workers Comp in Birmingham, AL

Prevent costly, or even ruinous litigation from tearing down your business

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare. A fire or disaster can destroy vital equipment, leaving you without the means to operate. And injuries to either your workforce or members of the public could result in ruinous litigation, tearing down your business brick by brick. Too many businesses are just one accident or disaster away from closing their doors for good, but your company doesn’t have to be one of them. 

At Gilmer Advisors, LLC, we have the industry expertise, comprehensive coverage, and affordable rates you need to build a suit of armor around your company. Preserve your investment in operational equipment, office furniture, and the office itself with our commercial property insurance, or safeguard your hard-won profits with casualty & workers comp insurance with Gilmer Advisors today.

Liability Coverage, Defense Costs, & Medical Bills

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Protect your material investments & your workforce

Don’t wait until papers are served or arbitration starts to protect your coffers from claims of injury. With casualty insurance and workers comp from Gilmer Advisors, you’ll have an infrastructure in place to handle, pay for, and survive litigation—both internally and externally.  We help by covering defense costs, medical bills, wages for temporary workers, and so much more.

We can also ensure your ability to operate by providing coverage for necessary equipment and operational space. Beyond the replacement costs of equipment, our commercial property insurance covers damage caused by burst pipes, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism to all of your physical assets, inside and out. 

Reinforce your operational and financial security with coverage from Gilmer Advisors today.

Building Armor Around Your Business, Piece by Piece


Protect the physical assets and equipment that keep you operational and profitable.


You need a partner to keep outside claims of injury from compromising your business.

Workers Comp

Protect your employees and yourself with one simple, affordable coverage option.

Property, Casualty, & Workers Comp FAQs

What kind of equipment does property insurance cover?

Typically, comprehensive commercial property insurance plans cover numerous forms of vital equipment and physical assets. Property insurance can include protections for office furnishings, appliances, supplies, computers, specialized equipment, and even the office space itself. Furthermore, for companies that operate with an inventory, property insurance can help you replenish that inventory, making you whole as quickly as possible.

What kind of businesses need casualty insurance?

Simply speaking: all businesses need casualty insurance. It’s impossible to tell from what direction litigation can or will strike. If you operate, you need some form of liability coverage to secure your business from claims of negligence. Period. 

Gilmer Advisors can help you determine the amount of casualty insurance your individual industry requires. Call us today at (205) 506-4515.

Is workers comp more expensive for riskier industries?

Certain industries, like construction, may face higher premiums for workers comp. Thankfully, Gilmer Advisors, LLC, has access to 16 secondary markets. This allows us to pair you with the most appropriate coverage at the most affordable price, giving you the protection you need without unnecessary expense.

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