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Life Insurance & Financial Services in Birmingham, AL

Provide your employees & yourself with protections and end-of-life financial care

Life insurance and end-of-life care are difficult subjects. But no matter how uncomfortable the thought may be, planning for the worst is part of living and aging peacefully. Companies of all sizes—from corporate juggernauts to mom-and-pop stores—benefit from commercial life insurance. At Gilmer Advisors, LLC, we provide powerful and comprehensive coverage at affordable rates so that you and your workforce can focus on what matters most: living well and working toward your goals.

By offering life insurance and related financial services to your employees, you’re strengthening both your current workforce and your ongoing recruitment efforts. Modern employees need to know that you have their backs, and nothing speaks to their sense of virtue and value quite like life insurance protection. With life insurance taken care of, you and your workforce can rest easy knowing that a difficult subject has been put behind you with Gilmer Advisors, LLC.

For the Best & Worst Moments: Gilmer Advisors

Life Insurance

Our access to 16 secondary markets ensures the most coverage for the smallest cost.

Elder Care

Ensure you have the funds you need to care for yourself or others in the twilight years.

Financial Planning

Let us review your earnings, goals, investments, & assets for a total picture & plan.

Life Insurance & Financial Services FAQs

How much life insurance coverage do I need?

The quick and easy method for calculating your life insurance coverage involves multiplying your yearly gross salary by the number of years you have remaining until retirement. For instance, if you’re 50 years old and plan to retire at 65, you have 15 years remaining until retirement. At a salary of $50K a year, you’ll need $750K worth of life insurance to close the gap for your loved ones ($50K X 15 years = $750K).

When should I start a college fund for my child?

Ideally, you should start a college fund the moment your child is born. Depending on your circumstances, this may be more or less achievable. But if you haven’t started a college fund already, don’t worry. Gilmer Advisors can help you calculate a schedule of savings to compensate for lost time, giving you and your children the leg up you need to succeed.

Call us today at (205) 506-4515 so that we can help you understand how to meet your college savings goals.

Does offering life insurance really help my company retain employees?

Without a doubt, benefits enhance employee loyalty, peace of mind, and retention rates among a workforce. Today’s employees are more educated, specialized, and in demand than ever before. To retain the top talent you need, benefits such as life insurance go that extra mile in communicating the value you place on your employees. 

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