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Retain & Attract Top Talent For a Brighter Future

Employee Benefits Packages in Birmingham, AL

Create and strengthen long-term value for your company & workforce

The modern employee has options. On average, today’s workers are better trained, more educated, and more desired by a wider range of employers. Businesses who fail to outwardly and thoroughly value their employees do so at their own risk, and businesses with a novice workforce suffer from the lack of seasoned pros. Thankfully, with Gilmer Advisors on your side, you can attract and retain top talent for your organization.

At Gilmer Advisors, LLC, we provide highly-competitive benefits packages for workforces just like yours. On your own, it can be difficult to predict the kinds and amounts of benefits to provide to a well-trained, 21st-century employee. Thankfully, we can advise you in the selection and customization of an affordable benefits plan so that your business keeps every advantage.

Disability, Dental, Vision, & Supplemental Benefits

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Enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity

Modern employees understand the monetary value of benefits better than any previous generation of workers. When taken together with a reasonably competitive salary, employee benefits can make the difference between hiring top-rated or mid-tier talent. Without enticing benefits of your own, something as simple as a dental plan could make all the difference.

At Gilmer Advisors, LLC, we’ll help you build an affordable and compelling employee benefits plan, including life, health, dental, vision, and disability insurance. To get and stay even more competitive, we might recommend voluntary supplement benefits for even more potential with your workforce or travel and group accident insurance to protect your vital teams.

Don’t let the innovators and difference-makers slip through your fingers. Contact Gilmer Advisors today.

We Know Why Top Talent Stays

Comprehensive Medical Benefits

When employers prioritize employee health, employees prioritize your business. 

Peace of Mind

Life & disability insurance allows workers to focus on the present to the benefit of all.

Voluntary Supplemental Benefits

Employees like options. Provide them with avenues to purchase further coverage. 

Employee Benefits FAQs

Do employee benefits really make my recruitment process easier?

Without a doubt. Employers have faced numerous challenges just over the last few years, including the pandemic, record resignation rates, and the advent of digital employers who can hire in every available US market. Simply put, employers who overvalue the status quo of employee benefits are being left behind by those who set out to attract top talent deliberately. 

Don’t get left behind. Call Gilmer Advisors at (205) 506-4515 for a customizable & competitive employee benefits package today.

What are the most attractive employee benefits to offer?

The most attractive employee benefits differ from industry to industry, depending on the talent in question. Overall, health, vision, and dental insurance are among the most popular employee benefits for 21st-century workers. Beyond health insurance, voluntary supplement benefits (such as retirement saving plans & 401K matching) remain highly valued among prospective employees. 

At Gilmer Advisors, LLC, we’ll review data about your industry and speak to you about the talent you want to hire most. Afterward, we’ll build a custom plan for you to attract the most suitable candidates while retaining the loyal workforce you’ve already built.

Can I afford to offer comprehensive employee benefits?

Absolutely. Gilmer Advisors has access to 16 secondary insurance markets, meaning that we can link you up with the coverage you want to offer for the most affordable rates. Compared to employee turnover, training costs, and profits lost to a churning office, paying for competitive employee benefits is a drop in the bucket—especially if it helps you add value to your business in the long and short term.

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