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Strategic Partnerships for Birmingham, AL & National Businesses

At Gilmer Advisors, LLC, we customize insurance products, financial services, & employee benefits to match your needs. Here’s how.

How does Gilmer Advisors offer affordable, commercial health insurance plans?

At Gilmer Advisors, our primary advantage is the access we maintain to 16 secondary insurance markets, allowing us to find the best health insurance options for more affordable rates. Rather than relying on the same big-box insurance providers, we scour secondary markets for more competitive plans at better rates.

What does a “strategic partnership” mean with Gilmer Advisors?

At Gilmer, we want to help you succeed at all levels. While we’re more than happy to offer a commercial insurance product, financial service, or employee benefits package to meet your needs, we’re also interested in tailoring our services to meet your present and future goals.

We can devise an employee benefit plan to bolster recruiting and retain top talent or customize our financial services to help you hit savings targets. Our workers’ comp and Property/Casualty insurance can grow or shrink depending on the nature of your industry. With us, you’re never paying too much for too little or too much for too much. 

Ultimately, when we say “strategic partnership,” we’re talking about working with you at the level of detail you need to turn your personal and professional ambitions into realities.

Why should I rely on Gilmer Advisors for my employee benefits plan?

Now more than ever, attracting and keeping top talent is hard. A combination of economic and social pressures has created a job market that rewards extra incentives from employers. Modern workers are more educated, more in-demand, and have more options, making them more discerning when it comes to the jobs they accept or decline. 

To make matters more difficult, predicting what benefits or perks are necessary to specifically attract the kind of talent your business and industry needs can be challenging. At Gilmer Advisors, we have the data, the experience, and the track record to know what you should offer to find valuable professionals for your organization. We can customize your employee benefits plans to match the professionals you seek.

Why should I offer life insurance to my employees?

Like other employee benefits, offering life insurance shows that you value your workforce. This not only attracts new talent but builds loyalty among existing employees. Contemplating, shopping for, and purchasing life insurance can be especially uncomfortable. By offering life insurance through your organization, you’re not only demonstrating care for your employees, but also helping them make that tough decision—giving them peace of mind and the focus they need to work and live with less anxiety.  

Why do I need financial services from Gilmer Advisors?

As an individual and as an organization, saving for your goals requires diligence, discipline, and understanding. Without guidance, it can be daunting to set money aside for the birth of a new child, a college fund, retirement, or a new house. How much life insurance should you purchase? When should you open a college fund for your daughter? Can your organization afford to purchase that smaller rival company? At Gilmer, we have these answers and more, and we specialize in helping you understand your saving goals and financial options.


The Guidance & Insurance Products You Need

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